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CrypticCraft Update 1

Tue Jun 17, 2014 7:53 pm by __Dashiell__

Hey everyone. __Dashiell__ Back. And i am just here to say.. We have been trying to comunicate with each other to continue our adventure as we go onto our jurney to discorver our new server. As for us both. We can not wait for this server to be up. So thank's for listening and we, Hope you have a wounderful time.

Oh, And also. I will not be here on the folowing date..
So therefor. I will be going to the beat In Deland Florida.. To go see my parent's and family.
So i will see you soon. Keep in touch for new's and update's! Very Happy Cool Very Happy 

But i am sad to say. I will miss you all, But i will be back.  Sad Im sorry everyone, I am much sad than you are to be leaving. But i promiss. I shall return, Bye and have a wounderful time on the new server.

CrypticCraft Revamped

Sun May 18, 2014 9:47 am by Cubed

Hello CrypticCrafters Cubed Here,

As you may have seen the server is down. We currently switched from having one big server to multiple servers connected by something called a BungeeCord. BungeeCord is something that connects multiple servers. Because of switching to BungeeCord there will be less lag. Since each part of the server (MiniGames, SurvivalGames, Survival) is now a separate server we can have more staff, donations for certain servers and more plugins. In the near future it is even possible we might expand even more to add more servers. The IP will be released once all the servers have been completed and we are sure there are no bugs for you to find.

Thanks for your patience,

CrypticCraft Staff

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